Karnataka: The new government would have to wait because DK’s steadfast stance makes things difficult for Siddu

Karnataka will have to wait a few more days for a new chief minister because the Congress leadership was unable to end the situation that resulted from Siddaramaiah and state Congress chief DK Shivakumar’s strong stance.

A power-sharing mechanism that stipulates Siddu will have an initial tenure of about two years and DK will take over next was presented by Rahul Gandhi and others. Shivakumar, however, flatly refused it and informed the leadership that he would only accept the position of CM. If the party chooses Siddaramaiah for another term, he will continue to serve merely as an MLA, according to sources.

Talks are still going on inside the party, according to RS Surjewala, general secretary of the AICC. “We will let you know whenever Congress takes a decision. We will have a new cabinet in Karnataka in the next 48 to 72 hours, he said, implying that the new government won’t assume office until the weekend. With both refusing to budge from their claim to be the next CM, the party leaders, including AICC president Mallikarjuna Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, KC Venugopal, and RS Surjewala, have been attempting to resolve the leadership issue since Sunday.

While DK made it plain to the party that he struggled to rebuild the party over the past three years, mobilised resources, and fought hard to bring it to power, Siddaramaiah claimed that the majority of the MLAs were behind him. Additionally, he contended that since Siddaramaiah has already served a five-year tenure, he must now hand it off to younger leaders and concentrate on guiding the party to victory in the Lok Sabha elections the following year.

Siddaramaiah’s desire for a second full five-year term on the basis that he had the support of the majority of MLAs turned the situation into a crisis that lasted into the fourth day. In contrast, Shivakumar enumerated the sacrifices he had made during the previous three years. In support of his demand, he is also alleged to have reminded the party officials of his time in Tihar jail and his commitment to the party, according to sources familiar with the situation.

According to reports, the KPCC president told the high command that, aside from Siddaramaiah, he was fine with anyone holding the position of CM because others should have the same opportunity that he had. Additionally, he is said to have persuaded Mallikarjuna Kharge, the head of the AICC, to run for chief minister of Karnataka, a position he should have held for a very long time but never did.

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