Kashmiri Teen Qualified NEET with 601 Points : Working as a Painter 600.

Kashmiri Teen Qualified NEET with 601 Points : Working as a Painter 600. Umar Ahmad Ganai, who is from Pulwama, was working as a painter in a neighbouring village when he got the news.

Srinagar: A 19-year-old Kashmiri man who had to work as a labourer during the day continued to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor while studying at night. He learned on Tuesday that he had passed the National Eligibility comp Entrance Test (NEET) with a score of 601, proving that his efforts had paid off.

Kashmiri Teen Qualified NEET with 601 Points : Working as a Painter 600

Umar Ahmad Ganai, a resident of Pulwama, was painting in a nearby hamlet when he learned of the news that will undoubtedly change his life. His Pulwama residence is currently being visited by a sizable number of people. He is receiving garlands, and his family are giving him candy.

In addition to working as a worker and studying all night for the previous two years, Umar claimed to make 600 each day. “It was a really difficult moment. I used to study at night and work as a worker during the day. My efforts today have paid off, he declared.

“Work hard is my message to everyone. It won’t ever be wasted, he continued.

Celebrations are already taking place in the family of Imam Sayed Saiad in the adjoining Kulgam area. Syed Tabia and Syed Bisma, his twin daughters, earned 625 and 570 on the NEET, respectively.

Umar devoted his nights to intense study, displaying unshakeable dedication to his education. Umar had no access to pricey coaching facilities, so he had to rely entirely on his own willpower and ingenuity to get ready for the fiercely competitive NEET UG exam. Umar overcame the odds by developing a strict self-study programme, although many students frequently rely on supplementary guidance to augment their studies.

Arbish earned 565 points at NITIAN’s career institute in downtown Srinagar, along with Rutba (645) and Tuba (574). With 620 points, Najfa, a different female student from the same coaching centre, also passed the NEET exam. “Since we attended school together, we used to study together all of the time. Together, we were able to clear each other’s worries and encourage one another to keep going, which was important for us while we prepared for the NEET exam, according to Rutba. In the meantime, Najfa claimed that their continued direction, the coaching institute’s supervision, and the support of their families were crucial.

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